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About Us

Amigo Tours

Amigo Tours Europe is a branch of Amigo Group, travel company that operates Tours and Transportation services in Europe.

Amigo Tours is specialized in providing services to both the main online travel agencies and wholesale travel agencies around the world.

In Spain, we started the operation in 2016, starting with 5 tours and today we have more than 50 tours operating daily. We design and create original products that allow us to arrive to different kind of clients, we were the pioneer company to operate the Toledo and Segovia, that today moves more than 15.000 passengers per year. In 2018 we had more than 100.000 passengers between all the tours in Spain and we are expecting to see this numbers grow in 2019 with our launch destination: Portugal

The main destinations where we operate tours and transfers include cities such as:


  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Seville
  • Granada


Our commitment to service

Amigo Tours keeps its commitment to offer the best service to its commercial partners and hence, to its mutual clients.

Hence, the bookings we receive with an anticipation of up to 4 hrs before the tour/activity takes place are processed through our call center, which staff works 24/7. Our team gives support and information to our agencies and to the final client.

Our timing policy accepts bookings for most of our tours at 22:00 hrs the day before the tour takes place, so the booking window is open to the last minute, adjusting us to the demand of the travel market.

Amigo Tours doesn’t have a minimum or maximum of passengers to operate a tour, so daily operation of our tours is guaranteed.

Our goal is to promote and to show the best of local culture, making every tour a special and unique experience.

The tour guides that work for Amigo Tours are exclusive, and they are totally commited to keep the quality and knowledge provided to our passengers.

Amigo Tours operates unique tours and activities. Some of our most popular activities are devoted to visit the main spots that work as references to the capital cities in the world; in most cases, we offer the advantage of having an early access, beating the crowds and in some cases also the heat and humidity, turning the tour into a memorable experience.

Amigo Transfers

Amigo Group also offers airport transportation services in several capital cities and first class destinations. The provided transportation services can be either shared with other clients, or on private vehicles, and even on a private luxury category. Shared transportations have a frequency service of departures every twenty minutes.

About Amigo Group

Amigo Group is a 100% Mexican travel company, founded in 2005, and is specialized in three business units:

  • Hospitality, three estates in Mexico City’s Downtown area.
  • Tours, 270 daily visits, working in twenty destinations including Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Cuba, Peru, Spain and USA.
  • Transportation services in Mexico and several other LATAM destinations.

During the last fifteen years, Amigo Group has been working with the main wholesale travel agencies, and online travel agencies. Nowadays, Amigo is composed by a team of 600 people, providing services to over 390.000 passengers.

In Amigo Tours we provide over 270 different products operated directly by us.

In the Latin America region, Amigo Tours is one of the biggest tour operators and is in a continuous expansion.

Amigo Tours Privacy Policies

Read here our Privacy Policies.